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About Our Pre-School Program

Bravo!’s Pre-School Program was designed to build confidence and discipline through a fun and creative program that inspires children to learn while interacting with others.

It is our goal to instill a love for the art of dance while developing fine and gross motor skills in our students.  Allowing time each class for creative movement exercises can help to build skills that can enhance academic learning.  All classes are taught by experienced professionals in a friendly and positive classroom. 

Pre-school Dance (Ages 3-5):  An introduction to dance that combines fun, creative movement exercises designed to build coordination, balance and flexibility with Pre-Ballet and Pre-Tap basics. Pre-schoolers will gain listening and rhythmic skills that are essential to learning.  Classes alternate each week between Ballet and Tap.  (45 Mins.)

Combo Dance I (Ages 5-6):  An introduction to Ballet and Tap combined in a fun class.  Dancers will have the opportunity to learn the basic foundations of each style. (45 Mins)

​Mini Hip Hop/Tap (Ages 3-6): An introduction to Tap Basics and fun Hip Hop moves. Classes alternate each week between Tap & Hip Hop. (45 mins)

Hip-Hop Kids! (Ages 5-7):  Have fun, learn great dance moves, and stay fit with this upbeat class. 

​(45 Mins)

Class Schedule

We are accepting Enrollments for our 2019/2020 Dance Season.  There are many class options to choose  from in our schedule! 

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Programs Ages 6 & Up

Combo Dance II (6-8):  Ballet, Tap and Jazz are combined in a 1.25 hour class to offer a broader dance experience.

Ballet:  Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms, and students are strongly encouraged to take a Ballet class.  Students are taught the importance of proper technique, including body placement, terminology and flexibility.  Classes consist of barre work, center work and across the floor exercises.

Pointe:  Classes are for students enrolled in intermediate levels of Ballet and above.  Faculty approval is required before students may enroll in class. 2 Ballet classes are required for Pointe students.

Jazz:  An energetic class that consists of a proper warm-up, progressions and stylized combinations. Students learn various styles of Jazz dance technique. Get ready to leap and turn!

Hip Hop:  A stylized form of dance involving the latest dance moves to current, up-to-date music.  Classes include a fun warm-up, funky combinations and freestyle.

Lyrical/Contemporary:  A class for the mature dancer with a strong technical background, focusing on the latest trends in choreography, while allowing the dancer to explore the emotional side of dance.

Tap:  Classes contain unique rhythms and combinations, as well as the fundamentals of Tap technique.  Classes range from beginner to advanced levels.

Modern Dance:  Explore the movement possibilities with this free form style of contemporary dance. Classes focus on technique, style and challenging combinations.

**Please note that class placement is at the discretion of the Director.  Since placement is based on both age and ability, it is common for students to repeat a level.